The type of talent NAMUGA wants is You

NAMUGA is a family that pursues growth and happiness.
NAMUGA is a passionate family that increases their values through learning and feels happy in growth and achievement.

  • Creativity / Passion Creativity
    / Passion

    A person who has a passion to draw new ideas and solve problems through creative thinking and conversion of ideas

  • Principle compliance Principle compliance

    A talent who considers honesty as the top priority in all business processes from research to production and sales based on the belief that R&D performance is created from honesty

  • Open-mind Open

    A talent who respects co-workers, and communicates in a listening and caring manner, and energizes the organization

  • Aiming for the world’s best Aiming for the world’s best

    A person who creates vision and value through global mind and deep insight to empathize with different cultures