NAMUGA takes the initiative in pioneering
the future camera module market

Since its establishment in 2004, NAMUGA has developed and produced cameras and 3D sensing modules
that are mounted on various IT products such as notebooks, smartphones, and smart home appliances.
Based on our production base located in Vietnam, we supply our modules to leading domestic and overseas customers.

In particular, we are pioneering the future technology market based on NAMUGA's differentiated technology for
3D depth sensing technology, a core technology that will lead the 5G era.


We are continuously growing as a leading company in the era of paradigm change
through technology development and business expansion.

Awarded "Best Partner Innovation Prize" by Company S
Awarded “Galaxy best quality” by Company S
Set up 3rd production factory in Phuto, Vietnam
The largest shareholder changed to Dreamtech
Supplied ToF 3D sensing modules for Company S
Supplied smartphone 32M triple rear camera for Company S
Sold over Shenzhen manufacturing plant in China
Developed and supplied front A/A camera modules for Company S
Developed and supplied ToF 3D sensing camera
for home robot for Company S
Mass produced 3D modules for drones, HMDs, robots, HUDs
Completed the 2nd production plant in Phu Tho, Vietnam
Selected as a company for the World Class 300 Project
Mass production of smartphone dual camera module
Mass production of hybrid-based depth sensing module
Listed on KOSDAQ
Completed the 1st factory in Phu Tho, Vietnam
Supplied front wide-angle 5M FF for Company S
Supplied 3D sensing camera for Company I
Supplied smartphone 5M FF rear camera for company S
Supplied wireless modules for Companies S & L
Developed and supplied IoT modules for Company M
Set up joint venture company called Softkinetic Korea
with Softkinetic
Mass produced of ToF type 3D sensing camera module
Supplied camera modules for smartphones for Company S
Supplied embedded CMOS laptop camera module for Company I
Acquired Desco Technologies
Developed smart TV solution for Companies K & B
Developed TV camera modules for Companies S & L
Started R&D for 3D sensing camera module
Developed and mass-produced PC camera modules for Companies S & I
Developed ATM video call camera solution
Established a Hong Kong branch
Operated the Shenzhen manufacturing plant in China
Developed optical & zoom Lens in technical alliance
with St. Petersburg Univ. in Russia
Established in Oct, 2004